Coefficient of Alienation

If you thought the coefficient of alienation referred to the hostility I receive from my family as I update my blog on a Saturday afternoon, I would not fault you too much.  However, this is a blog about predictive analytics which is based on Statistics.  So let's keep that in mind as we understand what the "Coefficient of Alienation" means.

Apart from being one of the coolest sounding Statistical terms, the Coefficient of Alienation measures the proportion of variation in the outcome not “explained” by the variables on the right-hand side of a simple linear regression (ordinary least squares) equation.

The Coefficient of Alienation is also known as the Coefficient of Non-Determination since the formula for calculating it is:

is the Coefficient of Determination.

And now before my personal (and non-Statistical) Coefficient of Alienation reaches the point of no return, I will bring this post to an end.


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